Taxes, taxes, I need to do my taxes…

Being an adult is hard.

Especially when you’re a full time grad student who hasn’t really had a job since last summer and now you have to fill out your Fasfa to see if the government will help you pay for school because 8 hour desk jobs make your neck hurt and you don’t have time or energy for a different job. Of course in order to fill out your Fasfa, you have to do your taxes for the two jobs you actually did have, because you might actually get like, 100 dollars back! (Which is just about the amount of money you would make by selling 12 inches of your inch thick brown hair. Which I totally don’t know from spending one late night looking up prices for selling hair online…)

So now I have to rummage around my totally disorganized piles of paycheck stubs and look through my bank statements to see whether I made any money last year, and then finish those tax forms.

I also have to finish my homework and get a hair cut.

Life is fun.


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It’s on Saturday.

I’m pretty excited about it.

I don’t know what I’m doing yet.

So far the plans are Church and brunch with my parents, and then a birthday party for my nephew because I am the best aunt in the world and it just happens to be the Saturday that my nephew is in town.

Last year I spent my birthday picking up my sister’s car from the repair shop a half hour away with my Mom. We also bought cupcakes.I think I’m going to go to Canada. That sounds like a good birthday plan.See you in Canada.Mwahahaha.Just kidding.I’d much rather go to Florida.
If ya need me, I’ll be writing my last homework assignment before my spring break starts.- Catherine

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Saints in the World

Okay, continue with that out-of-focus, useless life of yours. Let your go-with-the-flow feelings overcome you as usual at the time for getting up.

Go to bed any old time, whenever you happen to feel like it. Make no effort to form a plan of life. Waste time as usual. Spend as much time as you can in idle pursuits.

Let your eyes rest on anything they notice, let your imagination wander freely, and lazy coward that you are, you will soon see how wide are the gates of hell.

– Fr. Jesus Urteaga

That’s just a quote from part of Fr. Jesus Urteaga’s book, Saints in the World…I so want to read the whole thing. It costs like, 40 bucks on amazon though, so I don’t know if that is happening anytime soon.

It’s always good when you find something that challenges you to be better than you are, and says it in such transfixing words.

Anyway, I got to get back to schoolwork, focusing, doing things, actually trying.

– Catherine

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My house is full of smoke.

My brother decided that it was a good idea to start the oven’s automatic cleaning process. It is on hour two of four, and the smoke went from grey to black, so all the windows and doors are open and it is cold.

Other things…I am officially done with my first semester of grad school and I think I passed all my classes. Plus I’ve bought almost all the presents I’m going to buy this year. My hand is getting better too…but I haven’t played ukulele in four days because of not wanting to make the muscles worse…Or whatever I strained from finals.

It is almost Christmas.



I need to wrap presents and make sure I don’t re-injure my thumb.

Okay, that was my update.

(Last minute positive thoughts: I had hot chocolate today, saw some people from high school, got free food, left the house, did laundry, and took a nap on the couch. Those were all good things. Plus my thumb has been hurting less and less each day and I may be able to play my ukulele again by Christmas.)

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Okay, I kind of got swamped with finals, and the combination of writing and typing has injured my thumb and made me decide to put it on a writing/typing/ukuleling/remote-control using/thumbs uping free vacation. I even tried writing just with my left hand today…and ohmygoodness, typing without a thumb is slightly annoying, but soooooo much easier than writing with the opposite hand.

Moral of the story is, I have some positive things about my life to fill you in on, because I skipped a couple days, and I’m trying to think positive for the rest of the year.

1. I finally turned in the paper I’ve been suffering over and working on all semester for my Grad level class- it is done.

2. I finished the presentation for that same class, and though I felt like I would rather be doing anything than talking about an English study for nearly five minutes straight in front of all of my peers, but I did it, and I think I did a decent job.

3. I only have one final left for this semester, and I have all of tomorrow to study for it, and after that final I can start prepping more for Christmas, and being with family more and enjoying Christ’s presence, which is year round, but celebrating it especially.

So that’s just some of the stuff that I am thankful for… and now my pointer finger is starting to ache. I’m going to sleep. Goodnight.

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Day 8

I spent half of today asleep, and the other half writing a paper.

Positives…I had a cinnamon roll and submitted a rough draft that I can finish up tomorrow.

….Plus somebody else followed my blog.

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I’m postive on day 7 because…

I am not running through a swamp while being chased by baby alligators.

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