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I started Grad School.

I’m an intern in an ESL Class

It’s writing 30, and the students are wonderful… Today in my internship class: “Teacher, teacher, I have one more question.” “Yes?” “What color are your eyes?” “My eyes? My eyes are blue.” “Yes, but also they’re different, sometimes green, it … Continue reading

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It is always when I have something far more important to be doing that I remember I have a blog. Now, for example, I should definitely, probably, possibly, be studying for a test in Linguistics. Unfortunately, I realized that this … Continue reading

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Hello super non-secret blog of mine.

How are you? I have a cold. And I’m in grad school. And I’m trying to download free software from my school’s library website. In two years I might be in Japan…Spain would be cool. I have to go write … Continue reading

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