So, I don’t know when this “ABOUT” section was last updated, but all I have from before is:

“I started this blog just before I traveled around Europe in the Fall of 2011. It was my third year of college and things were going great. In December I returned home, and decided to keep blogging because I like to write. Fall 2012 I had to take a break from my studies to have a surgery, and I’m still writing to help get through it all and keep a little busy.”

It is now August 2nd, 2014. Um…

WELL, since that last updated, I posted some surgery related stuff, then I graduated college, and I’ve been writing off and on since then.

Feel free to check out what I’ve written. It’s mostly just, simple little observations of a college graduate trying to figure life out, avoiding death, being poor, getting into grad school. Living.

Yeah. So, hopefully I’ll see you around. In the, you read my blog and like things and comment, and then I find you and do the same things, maybe, way.





One Response to About

  1. Jenelle says:

    Rum and coke, eh? Interesting.

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