It’s on Saturday.

I’m pretty excited about it.

I don’t know what I’m doing yet.

So far the plans are Church and brunch with my parents, and then a birthday party for my nephew because I am the best aunt in the world and it just happens to be the Saturday that my nephew is in town.

Last year I spent my birthday picking up my sister’s car from the repair shop a half hour away with my Mom. We also bought cupcakes.I think I’m going to go to Canada. That sounds like a good birthday plan.See you in Canada.Mwahahaha.Just kidding.I’d much rather go to Florida.
If ya need me, I’ll be writing my last homework assignment before my spring break starts.- Catherine


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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2 Responses to HAPPY 24th BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!

  1. JoJo says:

    Happy (late) Birthday !!!

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