On the sixth day of Positivity my Optimist gave to meeeeeeeeeeeee

Ignore the title.

ANYWAY, there was supposed to be this massive storm that would knock over trees and flood the streets and pretty much bring California back to the stone age, and I wasn’t too concerned about it. I was busy thinking: “Why are these people talking about not going to school on Thursday? It’s just rain.” But then one of my classes pretty much got cancelled, and I was all “SWEET, now I have time to prep for my music performance instead of rushing to it right after class!”.

Then everybody kept saying things like “STORM!!! I MUST STAY INSIDE WHERE I WON’T DIE!!!!!” and “Unfortunately I don’t think I’ll make it to your show, I don’t want to drown,” and “My car got stuck in water twice today already, I can’t go to the concert.”

So, long story short, instead of performing with two other groups and splitting the money we made, I wound up performing alone for five paying customers, and I got to keep all the money for myself…Which would have been more if I charged them the full price, which I didn’t, because it was just me performing one set instead of four people with three sets…

The moral of the story is, have your concerts on clear evenings in the middle of summer when people will come to them and nobody will be afraid of spiraling out of control on the freeway.P.S. I made money for singing! MWAHAHAHA…Grant it, 80% of the money I made came from people directly related to me by blood, but some stranger also paid to hear me sing!!!P.P.S. Listen to some of my music here.


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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