Cleanliness is overrated.

Sure, I just added another book to the crazy pile of stuff next to me, and caused the entire pile to spill across the floor, onto my other piles of clothes and cds and other papers, and so really my whole room is just a piles of clothes and papers spilling into each other, but the important thing here is that I still have a path to my clothes drawer, my bed, and my door. As long as I can still make it in and out of my room, and find my school books and clothes, I am totally fine.


Except the other day I spent fifteen minutes trying to find a matching shoe…that wound up being under my chair.

I should go be a more responsible adult…and like, clean some of this up.

Or shove everything into the closet.

That could totally work.

Later computer world.

I have to go pretend that I’m going to organize things.

– me


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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