It is always when I have something far more important to be doing that I remember I have a blog.

Now, for example, I should definitely, probably, possibly, be studying for a test in Linguistics.

Unfortunately, I realized that this blog hasn’t been updated in weeks! Incredible!

So….what to tell you about….

OH, Um, I went to an open mic the other night with a new song, it was about spiders, and it was 6 minutes long. I arrived at open mic night, and there was no open mic night. There was a concert instead. I found this out from the sound engineer, who then went inside to chat with the band, with a mischievious, “I have a plan” look on his face. He came back to me with two musicians, and apparently two other bands had dropped out, and they asked me to open for their show.

So I did.

I played my song about spiders and how my brother chased me into a closet when I was ten. Then I played my song about my lovely sister and the time she was dating someone and it was all really annoying to her single sibling, me. Then I played my slightly more serious song about being a creeper in coffee shops and falling in love with complete strangers, and then I played….Oh, four more songs.

I got two free drink tickets and the bouncer put me and my brother on the “guest list”, because I was that cool.

It…was….possibly one of the happiest moments of my life.

I mean, not reaaallly. I mean, I’m sure I’ve had happier moments, I mean, I like my life and all…


I’m still amazed when that happens. I keep thinking it’s a fluke or something that people enjoy my music…

I keep going around and being super obnoxious and telling people about how people like my music….mainly I tell my Mom. Today she responded brilliantly:

“Yes, I have a very interesting, intelligent, entertaining, wonderful, charming, lovely, and beautiful daughter. ”

I tried to think of a way to share that with all of my friends on facebook without sounding vain. I’ve settled for all the readers of my blog.


Okay…well…I guess I should go back to that studying thing now.


Should maybe work on that humility thing…

– Catherine


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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2 Responses to Memorization

  1. sharpmusings says:

    Hey, nice post. I’m in a similar boat. Whenever I really want to blog I should be studying. But there’s a twist. I have this AWESOME class called online communication that REQUIRES me to post on my blog twice a week!

    • That…is…just…amazingly wonderful. Professors encouraging you to, having an excuse to, procrastinate. I’m jealous. If I want to tie my schooling into these posts, I just have to start talking about the different pronoun types and phonetic pronunciations…It’s less fun.

      Oh, and thank you for complimenting my post. I enjoy compliments, as my post may have shown.

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