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Jammin’ like a ROCKSTAR!

That fun part of performing where you’re playing a song and the people sitting at the bar can’t help but turn and watch you and laugh with your lyrics and smile with your music….THE WORLD IS MINE!!!! Just kidding. This … Continue reading

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Is splendid. I have business cards. I have a concert coming up. I’m not doing homework. I had coffee. Good times.

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WELL. Hello. Hi there. Hola. Buenos tardes. Aloha. I…..have been having trouble sleeping these last couple nights. I do my stretches, and then I take my shower, and then I lie in bed unable to sleep and my body starts … Continue reading

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The facebook status

If I could phrase my joy and praise in a sentence or two to be perfectly placed within the perimeters of a facebook status, I would. However, my skill at that lacks, and the contrary facts, between people with and … Continue reading

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It is always when I have something far more important to be doing that I remember I have a blog. Now, for example, I should definitely, probably, possibly, be studying for a test in Linguistics. Unfortunately, I realized that this … Continue reading

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