I went to my driving practice, and the instructor had me immediately drive from the start of my first lesson. He told me where the brakes were, where the gas pedal was, how to operate the steering wheel, and then he had me start the car. His life was in my hands, and all he had was a passenger’s side brake.

I wondered at his ability to stay calm in this clearly life-threatening situation. I wouldn’t want to get into a giant metal death trap with a first time driver and have them drive, IN TRAFFIC, with me, for two hours.

He didn’t even seem concerned. Like, he was making jokes, and talking in a heavy Moldavian accent, and nonchalantly telling me to keep my speed at 40 and check my side mirrors when getting into the turn lane.

Meanwhile, I’m wondering how soon it will be before another car crashes into us, or whether having a driver’s permit and being on your first official driving lesson with an instructor means you don’t get in trouble if a cop pulls you over…

It was a terrifying two hour drive. Then, we picked up another student, and his driving lesson began. He drove me home.

In one day I survived both being a new driver on the road, and being driven around by a new driver. It’s a miracle really.



About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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