Dear vegan friends, I failed you.

Last week I was 90% determined to become a vegetarian and save the animals.
Then I was 50% determined that I would be a vegetarian several days a week to save the animals.
Then I was 10% determined to just not eat pigs, because they were treated in the most visually abhorrent ways.
Now I just drink almond milk in my tea.

It’s still something, right?


I just wish that documentary hadn’t told me they were tortured so much in the preparation of being my food process. And I’m pretty much just drinking almond milk in the hopes that it doesn’t mess up my hormones like t.v. told me regular milk did.

Vegans and vegetarians, I support you in your desire to make animals suffer less. As I am currently not as strong as you, I’m just going to put more of my energy into helping human animals not suffer instead. I’ll also try to eat more plants.

Thank you for your hard work,

– Catherine


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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