Today is January 22, 2014.

It’s been Forty-one years since Roe vs. Wade, and laws allowing for abortion were passed. So the history goes. Forty-one years of people celebrating “women’s reproductive rights” and in forty-one years there have been Fifty-five million abortions.

Blessed Mother Theresa once said, “It is a poverty to decide that a child must die so that you may live as you wish.”

I don’t think that’s very hard for most people to agree with, even pro-choice individuals. People like children. They don’t want them to die. Clearly. Nobody would actually want you to kill a child.

But the argument is that the unborn child, only a few weeks or months in the womb, isn’t really a child. It’s a choice. The woman’s choice. Because it’s just a clump of cells, and nobody is being hurt when a clump of cells is stopped mid production, mid growth, mid life. It’s not the same as actually killing a child.

Then why…why, when I look up the word online, why can I go to a site with half a dozen scientific definitions of the word, and still find hesitation? Still find someone saying, “Admittedly, abortion is despicable when used merely as an alternative form of birth control (instead of the pill or a condom), but it’s a woman’s right protected under the law.”

Why, if it is merely a medical means of ending a pregnancy, purely an amoral action, like choosing chocolate or vanilla ice cream, why would any pro-choice person call it “despicable”, in any circumstance?

Doesn’t this blatantly state that there is something wrong with abortion? Their only defense of this “despicable” action, is that abortion is “protected under the law”? If crimes like theft and manslaughter weren’t prosecuted by law, if people who stole and killed people weren’t arrested, would that make what they did okay? Is the only moral compass we have guided by what the government deems is legally acceptable? What about all the corrupt governments that have lived to rule the world? What about armies invading other territories and taking over simply because they had the manpower to do it. What about Hitler? Just because something is legal, doesn’t make it right. Just because mobs of people want something, doesn’t make it good.

If we can recognize that abortion is wrong in certain circumstances, then why can’t we agree it is always wrong? Isn’t stealing always wrong? Isn’t cheating always wrong? Isn’t lying, torturing, and all behavior that treats other human beings, their lives and their valuables, as less than yours simply because you want what they have or because they are in your way, wrong?

Or is something less wrong because the only one we can see being physically impacted is unable to speak?

These are just my thoughts. I’ve seen many pro-choice articles, and spoken to pro-choice people, and it seems that they just want women to have freedom, at whatever costs necessary. I just wish people would consider more the freedom of others when deciding what they must do to be “free”, and not think that ending someone else’s life is an acceptable alternative to changing their own.


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