Still Alive

The Shadows didn’t get me. In case you were wondering.


I was reading my diary from last summer the other day, you know, from May 2012 and so forth, and each entry was basically me prepping for my upcoming “impending doom” surgery.

May is all about doctors appointments.

June is all about waiting for the surgery date to be set.

July is further Misery.

And then I don’t know what happens in August, but basically my misery and fear increase until September when I find out I’m having surgery in three days.

My very last entry is the morning of my surgery…It goes on and on about hopefully I will survive and everything will be okay, and asking God to take care of me and protect me, but recognizing that he’s in control and he knows what’s best.

Then the journal ends.

Dead center.



I like to think it’s poetic.

But I’m just super dramatic. If I had died it would have been super cool though:

Here’s Catherine’s last journal, with an entry from the last day she lived, she knew it was the end!

But I didn’t and it wasn’t. (And when I say “it would have been super cool” if I had died, I mean, in a purely artistic sense. In reality it would have been quite sad. So I am glad I am alive. Now I can go on suffering and maybe help some souls get ready to meet Jesus, including mine.)

I guess it kind of shows that we really have no idea what is going to happen in our lives. You think you’re at a crazy ending point, and then you’re not. So you have to figure out which way to go.

Here’s to figuring that out.

– writingcatherine


(What the title reminds me of…)





About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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