Sleep. HA!

So lately I’ve been on this crazy sleeping schedule where I sleep one hour and then suddenly wake up and can’t fall asleep again. I don’t really like it. Maybe it’s because I started watching THE WALKING DEAD again on Netflix…But I’m sure my extreme fear of zombies has nothing to do with my inability to sleep.

I mean, I haven’t even had any nightmares about it. Recently. That I remember.

Besides that one. I was standing in the middle of a street with zombies all around me and I was trying to pretend I was a zombie so that they wouldn’t notice me. Then a red truck with people and machine guns came by and I ran toward them to try to get saved. Then the zombies started chasing me. But once I got into the truck my dream turned into a James Bond like video game and we were driving over roof tops toward an old abandoned Non-denominational Church. Then some of the people with machine guns were in a secret conspiracy to kill me. So then I ran away. I think something happened and I wound up in a swamp on the edge of the ocean. Then I almost drowned in the ocean. Then I joined the secret spy organization on the edge of the ocean and we drove to San Francisco, and I was terrified that there would be an earth quake. Then we went to the 77th floor of the hotel in San Francisco to have lunch in their sky restaurant, and they had balcony seating with no handrails, and I said I wanted to eat inside. Then I was dressed up as a ninja by accident, and went in the elevator and the door opened on the wrong floor, and I saw a secret ninja ceremony, and the ninjas thought I was mocking them with my ninja outfit, and I was an outsider who had seen their secret ninja ceremony, so they started chasing me like they wanted to kill me. I ran up and down staircases and through hallways and doors, and finally got back to an elevator. Then I hit random buttons and wound up going all the way up to the top floor. The elevator doors opened and I walked into the room only to find myself in a penthouse, with a lone millionaire disgruntled that I had intruded on his solitude, at which I explained I was being chased by a mob of murderous ninjas, and so he just continued eating dinner, and then I woke up.

But that was just a crazy dream that I’m sure had nothing to do with watching a violent t.v. show where people keep almost getting killed. Probably.


– Catherine

(And Happy Early Thanksgiving)



About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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