I suppose it’s not that difficult when you have no significant other and are disinclined to the idea of commitment and relationships of the opposite in general, but still, what is with people these days!? Okay, maybe these days aren’t that special. People have struggled with this issue since Day 1 after the fall, I’m assuming, but what happened to the good ole’ days of shotgun weddings and Scarlet letters noting shameful behavior as what it was, SHAMEFUL!?

I’m sorry for ranting. I’m sorry for my bias simple-minded ideas, my self-loathing principles that don’t understand how great it is to be unchaste or simply how it’s just “not a big deal” whether you reveal yourself entirely to another person or not. Sorry I’m stupid enough to value my chastity as a gift and something reserved for the one person who loves me enough to say that I am his for the rest of our lives and he is mine. Sorry I have these glassy-eyed ideas about what love is, and that I believe someone could love somebody else enough to wait for them. Sorry I still believe in Purity, sorry I still believe in something. 

Except kinda not. I’m just sorry that you don’t understand me, and sorry that I have been so afraid of offending you that I haven’t spoken my mind.



[Also, yeah, maybe I don’t really want Shotgun weddings or actual Scarlet letters, but some of the feeling behind them would be nice. You know the “I love and respect my daughter and won’t let her be used”, and “adultery is bad” sentiments. Please. Can’t we agree on those at least?]



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This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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