Catherine’s list of “the positives of wearing a neck brace”.

Today somebody liked the facebook page that I started the first week or so I was in my neck brace. It’s gotten several likes from strangers actually, people with profile pictures of themselves sporting the healing device. It was something that helped me get through the day to day struggles of having a broken neck and simply being miserable after so long of already being miserable. I occasionally forced myself to look on the brighter side. My goal was to post daily, or get to a hundred posts, and I did neither. I did, however, stay hopeful, and that was the real point of it all anyway. So here it is, Catherine’s list of “the positives of wearing a neck brace”, in the order they were written, most recent first, going all the way back to those fateful first days in December. I’m thankful I made it through, and hopefully my sources of comfort can bring someone else a little comfort too, or at least make them smile.

50. You don’t really have to worry about what you eat, because it’s so much work to eat anything anyway.

49. Your posture is improved…you think.

48. People don’t notice your shoes or crazy outfits as much.

47. They keep your neck stable during car rides.

46. The day the doctor calls on the phone and tells you that you can start weaning off the neck brace.

45. The break is healing, new bone is forming.

44. People believe it when you tell them you were injured “hang gliding”.

43. Your list of injuries and broken bones is far more impressive than most people’s.

42. Whenever someone is talking about a tough time in their life, you’re all “I totally know what you’re talking about…probably…partially…in some way.”

41. You can’t work out.

40. You know that you’re entitled to a Cloud Cake. Or a Swiss Roll. Or some chocolate. And Strawberries.

39. People say they’re praying for you and give you hugs.

38. Little kids immediately ask you what is around your neck, ie: you get to talk to kids!

37. You get primary seating in church, even when you show up 5 minutes before and the walls are already lined with people.

36. Going to Kroger’s and getting sympathy from other shoppers.

35. Apparently, I inspire people.

34. By day 54, you don’t really care as much.

33. It’s a good excuse for almost anything.

32. Teachers don’t forget your name, in fact, they even use it for other students.

31. It goes really well with a Batman mask.

30. It’s better than being in a swamp with baby crocodiles.

29. I amuse my sister with a list of the positives of wearing a neck brace.

28. My cousin tries to make me feel better.

27. My neck brace should be a good excuse for my very late paper that I haven’t written yet…?

26. It’s a new year and I only have two months and a week or so of wearing this neck brace left.

25. Drinking tea with a straw…

24. My neck doesn’t hurt.

23. It is not a halo neck brace.

22. My nephew’s baptism photos will be easily recognized.

21. I can still hug people.

20. If I actually posted one positive a day starting now, I’d be out of my neck brace right around the time I got to my hundredth positive.

19. I have a good excuse for why I am behind in updating this.

18. I can still eat chocolate.

17. It’s a great conversation starter…

16. I can still type.

15. I never need a scarf.

14. I have a reason to look up famous people with neck braces.

13. I am not in the hospital.

12. I get to remove it sometimes!

11. Apparently two seminaries in Miami are praying for my recovery, not to mention all the other prayers I’m getting.

10. People are really nice to me.

9. I have learned how to take liquid medicine without gagging.

8. I get to use straws.

7. My sister Patience is exactly my shirt size and can go shopping with my mom to increase my number of button up shirts from 2 to something better for long term neck brace wearing.

6. I can still play my ukulele.

5. I don’t really have to worry about being paralyzed…

4. My mom bought me massive quantities of bite sized foods so that I can try to eat.

3. “perhaps it can be so that when u have kids u can say “well when i was in college i not only had to worry about finals but i had to worry about my health, surgery, neck braces, emotional well being…” and then your kids can no longer complain” – my sister

I can tell my kids that I had it worse than them when I was in school.

2 and 1. I can only wear button up shirts with my neck brace. I am wearing flannel. It makes me think of my friends Andrea and Amanda.

– writingcatherine


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This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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2 Responses to Catherine’s list of “the positives of wearing a neck brace”.

  1. leslie blunt says:

    I wore multiple neck braces. Write. Me anytime!

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