Tuesday March 12th was when my doctor told me that he wanted to keep me in my neck brace for two more months. The night of Thursday the 14th is when I cried tears of anguish and scribbled questions to God in my diary. Friday morning is when my doctor called me back, telling me that he had looked at Wednesday’s MRI and spoke with a council of other spine specialists and doctors and discovered my neck was stable, and that I didn’t have to wear the neck brace full time like I had been. I have been too busy and too happy to post since then, but I needed a follow up to my poem. It’s harder for me to meticulously formulate and write out a happy poem than a sad one. When I’m depressed the poetry is a good focus and outlet for my pain. When I’m happy I just want to play my ukulele. (I’ve been playing my ukulele a lot this past week.) 
Basically, I can see my neck again…I sleep without a neck brace on. I smile at people and get hugs and congratulations. I am happy. 

My neck muscles are still sore from lack of use, and surviving classes without a neck brace was difficult at first, but it is getting better. My neck is getting better. Thank God!


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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