Holy Spirit

I probably shouldn’t be doing this right now, but every time I think about Freud or attempting to fix my short badly thought out reflection paper, my neck hurts. I’ve chosen to write about what just happened in my life instead.

It was one of those surprise moments that you don’t know what to do with when it comes.
I was sitting in my Sacraments class, trying hard to keep up with the notes and not forget to stand up and stretch every twenty minutes, when our teacher finished her lecture. After this she said that we still had time left, and that she’d use it to listen to the voices of the people she hadn’t heard from much in the class.

I realized quickly that this would have to include me. With my neck brace and necessary standing every twenty minutes, I usually avoid all other opportunities for attention.

So she began to ask the quiet students what they thought of the class, what they learned, what was most interesting and so on. I watched and listened as other heads turned and listened to other speakers. Finally she came to me. Heads turned. I had been formulating my plan for what I was going to say in class and then I said it.

“Well, I read all of Mork already…and I got to a part that is kind of obvious for me, the annointing of the sick. And it just called me on to ask people for prayers, for healing. So feel free to pray for Catherine and her broken neck. I mean, I wanted to sign up for your Theology of Healing class last semester, but I was gone because of a surgery, and then I came back and someone told me that class really focused on the Sacraments, and really all the Sacraments have healing. So. Yeah.” That was it. Give or take a couple more awkward statements, something about me graduating, some positive professor and class responses.


Then she moved on to the next student, and then just enough time for her to call on a final volunteer.

“Professor, I was just wondering if we could pray over Catherine right now?” Heads and eyes turned focused on me, “If it’s okay with you?” “Uh, Yeah.”

So there it came and went, Catherine with the broken neck getting prayed over by her entire Sacraments class. Catherine really not knowing what to do or make of it.

It’s yours God, it’s all yours.


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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