I have a broken neck…

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?
I mean, it’s like, I can’t believe I’m even living this right now. My mom is talking about how I need to enlist someone to walk with me everywhere next semester during school so that I don’t trip in the ice and become paralyzed.

Should I rewind a moment and go into detail about my current situation? Okay, I will, but only for as long as I can hold out sitting in this chair while my shoulders become increasingly painful.

So, on Sunday December 2nd I went to see Robin Hood at my cousin’s university. It was entertaining, and it was one of my first exciting nights out in a long time. I walked outside, and went to a theater, and sat in a theater chair for two hours. I also turned my neck a lot and my neck was sore by the end of it. I wasn’t all that concerned, but I went home and my shoulder was still hurting. Then my neck was hurting. Then my leg was still hurting, as it sneakily has been since …a while, and basically I didn’t sleep much that night.

Monday we contacted the advice nurses and I got some pain medicine. Wednesday or Thursday I finally acknowledged that my medication wasn’t killing the pain, and I made attempts to get in contact with my neurosurgeon for stronger stuff. On Friday he finally called me back, and signed me up for an ultrasound for my leg pain, and a just in case x-ray of my neck since I was concerned, but he thought I had probably just strained one of my muscles. My brother and I then spent the hours of 4 to 8pm at the hospital. After getting the x-ray, we found out that the other tests hadn’t really been assigned, so then we wandered through the hospital, until I happened to run into my neurosurgeon who made sure that I got the other tests, along with adding an extra CT scan because he couldn’t read my x-rays too well. After all the tests, my brother and I finally left the hospital, and then we got some food, and finally made it home around 9 at night.

I was relatively calm, happy even, looking forward to getting better and being out of pain due to whatever medicine I’d probably be getting. I was talking to a friend on skype, when my sister came in and told me my doctor was on the phone. In half a minute my Mom was standing in the doorway, and I calmly listened as my doctor told me I had a broken vertebrae and that I needed to go to the E.R. and pick up a neck brace.

So I went to the E.R. on Friday night, got my horribly fitting neck brace, was told to call my neurosurgeon on Monday, and had to just wait for a couple days. Monday I called my doctor and found out that I’d probably be in this brace for three months, but I could go to school with the brace and just check up with him before I left and over my spring break, I was also told to get an MRI and have a check up with my general doctor for my leg, since the ultrasound found nothing wrong with it and he didn’t know why it hurt. Tuesday night I had the ultrasound, and now it is Wednesday.
Tomorrow I have my doctor’s appointment, and in the mean time I’m hoping for a miracle and getting spooked by every little pain and pop. I also just used up the last pain pill that was prescribed to me last week from my call to the advice nurses. I’m down to my doses of children’s Tylenol, which I’m taking because swallowing actual Tylenol is too difficult.

I’m hoping that some how the time is just going to magically fly by and 3 months of healing will be over in a minute. Plus I’m hoping to make it back to my final semester of college. Having/getting a personal security guard is going to be kind of difficult.



About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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