Please, stop co…

Please, stop complaining.

I love you and will always love you, and I am sorry for your problems and want to help you and solve them, but everyone has problems. Which doesn’t mean yours are any less, but try to realize this, try to accept what you can, change what you cannot, and be wise about it.

Please, don’t grow bitter and angry at the world. Don’t plunge yourself into sin and hatred. Things happen that you can’t control, and probably few other people can, don’t blame, don’t judge, don’t hate. Always act out of love.

It’s a silly concept. Stupid really, if you’re on the outside looking in. It’s beneficial, of course, and appreciated by everyone, but the concept of loving no matter what is not easy, or even logical. It’s spiritual, it’s holy.

But think about it, people don’t like people who don’t love. They want love, even if they don’t want to love others in return. They expect respect, kind words, and general decency. They expect certain things and are angry when the opposite happens. But why would anyone naturally act so unselfishly as to love everyone they met as much as possible?

It isn’t logical by the world’s standards. Humans are selfish, according to the world. Humans want all the pleasure and good they can get out of this life for themselves, and this includes what they can get from other people. And so, when people don’t respond how they want them to, to bring them the most happiness, they get upset. And yet, they themselves aren’t living by the love rule.

Do onto others as you would have them do onto you.

It’s basic.

Do you want people hating you, starting up lawsuits against you, egging your house, avoiding you, manipulating you, cheating off your test, speaking badly about you, plagiarizing your work, disrespecting you, or acting in anyway but perfect love toward you?


Then love people.


Don’t hate, don’t condemn, don’t judge, manipulate, gossip, steal, hurt others. Love them. Respect them. They are human beings just like you, with the same wants and desires. They have lives, just like you, they have problems, they have hopes and fears and people they love. Love them. Even if they don’t love you back. Even if they spit on you, even if they steal your cheese, even if they trample on you and make it so you feel like you can’t go on breathing anymore, even if you feel like you can’t go on another second, like you’ll collapse and break and fall and die. Love.

Why? Because you won’t die. Their hatred, their pain, their insults, their gossip, their opinions don’t matter. Their humanity matters, your humanity matters. So even if it appears that they’ve lost that, don’t lose yours with them. Remain loving, remain human, remain kind.

Impossible? Yes -without God it’s impossible. Without Jesus coming to save us, without the Incarnation, without the sacrifice of his body and blood.

Was he spat on? Yes. Was he hated? Yes. Was he condemned, gossiped about, hit, dehumanized, attacked, manipulated, hurt, even to the point of death? Yes. Did it matter, did the pain, did the insults, did what they did to hurt him do anything to stop him from being the glorious salvation for mankind? No. Jesus died on the cross, and on the Third day he rose from the dead.

Die. Be a martyr for love, of Jesus, of God, of your fellow human beings. Let them torment you, let them beat you, let them utter all kinds of evil against you- and tolerate it, accept it, embrace it, like a lamb led to slaughter, open not your mouth, and do it all for love of them.




Love, but know that love does not mean simply accepting the sin and letting the sinners attack. It means loving them and always doing what is most loving, which includes trying to show the sinner how they might be more loving, how they might enter into the love of Christ. Can you better show that love by being silent, and accepting their errors, or by speaking out?

Clearly you don’t let someone break into your house, steal your goods and then just let them go free and not call the police. But you don’t chase after them with a shotgun after they’ve ran away and shoot them several times either. You call the authorities and do what you can to have justice maintained. You do what you can to keep order in the world.

And if a classmate threatens you if you don’t give them your homework to copy, you don’t just hand it over, or get beaten up about it and say nothing, you tell the teacher.

If someone attacks you and there is anything you morally, responsibly do about it, do it. If someone hurts you and nothing you do will change their opinions, views, justice, or actions in the future, then pray. Love them in prayer.

Don’t plot revenge. Don’t plot attacks. Don’t plot pipe-bombs in gas tanks or nuclear explosions.

Do the little good you can, seek justice, but always live in mercy, love, and prayer.

Jesus threw the money changers out of the Temple. He stood up for what was right and he cast the evil out. But he also accepted the cup handed to him on Good Friday and he died on the cross. He did what was most loving in both.

Not throwing out the money changers would have allowed them to go on sinning, to continue living their lives without consequences, unconcerned for God’s interests. Out of love Jesus overturned their tables. Out of love he would not let Truth be trampled and soiled by the filth of greed.

Dying on the cross he accepted the abuse for the greater glory of God to come, for the Resurrection. If he hadn’t died, there would be no resurrection, and the people would not come to know God in Truth and Love, nor would they be saved by his blood. He did what was most loving.

So, love.

You want to be love, you need to be loved, you desire it. Give others what you desire, love them. They do not deserve it, but neither do you, it is because of Christ that we are redeemed and able to love fully, because of him that we can be more than sinners and become instead Children of God. So do what your baptism enables you to do, accept your birthright, embrace it, take it up in your hands, like a warrior taking the spoils he is due, it is yours, the ability, the duty, the right, to love.


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This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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