A weekend for relaxation…


For about the second time ever, I stayed back in Austria and didn’t travel at all this weekend. I didn’t even hop on a bus. Oh yes, this was completely intentional, and why? Because of FINALS.
Oh the Misery. The Torment. The Suffering. The Procrastination that kills.

My dear, sweet, merciful, and loving God got me through it. Oh how he got me through it. Finals, and all their evilness started on Friday. Which meant the torture and pain of them really began to impact me on Thursday, except that day was a reading day, so really, Wednesday is the point at which my life moved from that of a student going to classes, to insane, caffeinated night-owl, who became increasingly ill and desperately prayed not to fail her Finals.

It didn’t help that starting on December 3rd I was growing ill. Every day the illness would show a sign of it’s oncoming onslaught. But it was a stealthy, sneaky onslaught, until for some reason, when I most needed to be healthy, it came on full force. It’s incredibly difficult to study when you don’t want to move. Then you fall asleep from exhaustion. Then you wake up, because of your illness and the desperate need to be studious.

No, I do not know the balance between health of mind and health of body. My body is not allowed to be sick when I need to pass an exam. Just, no.

So, as far as finals went, friday I had Christian Moral Principles, and Introduction to Sacred Scripture. Sunday I had a paper for my Honors (reading and discussion of great works) class, and Monday was Christian Marriage.

So I am officially free. I slept for 12 hours today, making a triumphant foray against the imposing illness, and now I simply must pack.

Oh Packing, how I hate thee.
And how, too, do I hate the fact that I leave in 3 days.
But to be home, to be home,
How good, it will be, to be home.


About writingcatherine

This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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