Pilgrimage to Poland

I just sent a friend of mine a very long message in response to a question on how I was. I realized that the message was a summary of everything I’ve done this weekend, and that it’d be a good update for my blog.

To start, I returned from Poland at 2am this morning.

Thursday we left at 8pm at night, arrived in Krakow at 6am, and went to the shrine of our lady of Czestochowa. We went to mass, toured the city, ate some food, and then left for Auswich concentration camp and for the Birkenau death camp. I felt sick the entire day (I blame the food they fed us on the bus ride), this was Friday, and also miserable seeing all the places people had died and were tortured and seeing evil. That was Friday.

On Saturday, we went to the shrine of Divine Mercy, a place full of the message of God’s forgiveness and love, a message that Sister Faustina wrote about in her diary after Jesus appeared to her and told her to send his message of Mercy to the world. The Shrine is built at sister Faustina’s convent, and her fellow sisters run it today and they have a church with people praying constantly and it was beautiful. I felt amazing on Saturday on the day of Divine mercy. I finally didn’t feel sick anymore and I was surrounded by God’s love and mercy.
Patience and I went into the city that night, with a couple other students, and we went shopping in a Polish mall. We ate polish food and shopped in a place that reminded me of walmart. I bought nutella at a slightly cheaper than normal price, coke (at a cheaper price), and lots of milka (at what I thought was a cheaper price but may actually have been the same).

Sunday we went to Mass, and explored the town more before leaving on the buses to visit John Paul II’s home town of Wadowice, and then finally leaving at 4pm. We then spent hours on a bus.

–That’s just the brief summary and account I sent to my friend. I’d like to say that I’ll return and update my post, and fill it in with more details and accounts of my travels to Poland, but I’m not entirely sure that I will.

I have less than a month until midterms and I have done none of my homework for the week. I also have laundry and a room cleaning scheduled. Tomorrow is Tuesday, which means it’s time for our scheduled “Weekly room check”, so I must prepare for that as well.
That’s a story in itself…albeit, not much of one.

(As we live in a dorm that doubles as a hotel, and is completely a hotel whenever we are not in it, we must keep our rooms up to hotel standards. To keep our rooms in that condition, and prevent us from shirking our cleaning duties until the last days of school, the Residence assistants have a weekly appointment with each of us to inspect our room. Before this, we must take out the trash (which is divided into glass, plastic, metal, paper, biodegradable, and restmull [pretty much everything else]), make our beds, sweep, mop the bathroom floor, clean the mirrors, shower, toilet, floors, etc. We actually have 4 different bottles of cleaning solutions that we are meant to use in this process.

This is one small reason I kind of miss home campus, but having my own bathroom is pretty awesome, as is living in Austria.)

So those are the chores I must do and the reasons why this post isn’t very detailed on the Poland aspect. If you have any inquiries, comment below, and perhaps I can make a post filling you in on more details of my studying abroad life.


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This started as a documentation of my adventures in Europe...but hey, life's an adventure in itself.
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